Take a Break…You Need It

This post titled “Take a Break…You Need It” is a joint effort between Khizer Nawaz and Danielle Davis, contributing bloggers to Pointless Overthinking. “Silence is a source of great strength” — Lao Tzu Ever since the emergence of coronavirus and lockdowns around the world, we see that too many people have started to talk aboutContinue reading “Take a Break…You Need It”

Just Say No

“If you want more time, freedom, and energy, start saying no.” Anonymous I have been thinking a lot about the the word “no” lately. Why is it such a hard thing to say for so many people? Why does it inspire an icky, sticky sort of feeling every time we know we are going toContinue reading “Just Say No”

The Decision to Practice Silence

“I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.“ Albert Einstein Good morning. I decided a week ago to find a day to practice silence for 24 hours. That silence begins as soon as I finish this post. What does it mean to practice silence?Continue reading “The Decision to Practice Silence”

My Plant Medicine Story

Hurt people hurt people. When I first heard this statement it took about 15 seconds to process the message and meaning. Once I comprehended it I came to realize at a very deep level how true this is for essentially every person on the planet, including me. So what? What does that mean? For meContinue reading “My Plant Medicine Story”