Motivation Comes From Within

Pointless Overthinking

“Wash out this tired notion that the best is yet to come.”

– Dave Matthews

I had to remind myself this week that motivation comes from within. It certainly does not come from the expensive, fancy bike I ordered and have been waiting for the past 7 weeks. It was supposed to be delivered next week. I cancelled the order.

I got to thinking, and asked myself this question…if I have two perfectly good feet, a pair of sneakers and a road, why aren’t I currently doing an aerobic activity? Seriously, it’s free! I kept putting off starting my regular habit of exercising, because when the fancy bike arrived I was really going to crush it and work out EVERY DAY. I could imagine it in my mind’s eye. I knew where I was going to put the bike. I had downloaded the app, and started planning out which rides…

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Published by Danielle Davis

Looking to help nurses and other caretakers learn about self care and how important it is to put ourselves first so we can be there for others!

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