A Letter from My Soul

Hello my darling child,

I know you feel so lost and alone right now. I know you are searching so desperately for something you cannot seem to find. I feel the hot tears rolling down your face, the ache from the hole in your chest. I hear your prayers begging to be enough. Please know with the certainty of a new dawn, I am right here with you, by your side. I am holding you in my arms and whispering the words β€œI love you” into your ear. I know the screams are so loud right now that you cannot hear me. My words are drowned to whispers but I promise you I am always saying them. I never stop.

I know you are tired and want to know if and when this feeling of separation, this loneliness, will end. The taste of the tears you cry is bitter and full of fear and self doubt. Let me wipe those tears my love, because there is no one that is as exquisite and perfect as you are to me.

I feel your confusion and hesitancy to take the step, to open the door and walk through. That is perfectly fine my love. The door will not go anywhere. It waits silently, and with no judgement, for you to open it and feel the warmth and loving embrace of the light on the other side.

Your fear is a sort of grace. You dance with it. You hold it close to you only to release it and lovingly say goodbye when the time is right. The fear is as sacred as you are, for without the fear there is no courage and no growth. If the seed was too afraid to push itself open and reach for the light, not knowing what is on the other side, there would be no life for it. You are the seed my darling, my love. Seeking, stretching and pushing through to the light.

I will never leave you no matter how many times you turn away or how deeply you try to bury me. I will be with you through the darkest of nights. I am always there in the laughter of a child, in the eyes of your lover and in the sun as it warms your upturned face. I am in every beat of your broken heart.

Rest for now my beautiful child. Lay your head down and dream of the light. I am here with you and will hold you while you dance through the stars. I will be there to hold your hand when you choose to awaken, and we will walk through the door together.

All my love to you.

Published by Danielle Davis

Looking to help nurses and other caretakers learn about self care and how important it is to put ourselves first so we can be there for others!

7 thoughts on “A Letter from My Soul

  1. Danielle Davis, the image painted in my heart with the words I have just read came straight to me from the Fathers Heart of God and spoke to me of the great love He as for us all.
    Thank you.

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      1. Danielle my pleasure we are both probably experiencing something that in our own intelligence thoughts would be impossible to express in words, for it goes much deeper, further back and higher up than we can know on the surface. I was just being true to that which is in my heart and to that which it has been shown these last few days, encompassing the whole 58 year long journey of my life so far. God looks upon the images and thoughts of our hearts, Your words regarding your post, finding my voice, were used by the Father for me anyway, for Him to paint the images He wanted me to see in my heart, answering the thoughts that it contained, questioning the reasons as to why i find myself where I do at this present time on my journey with him and what is it all for. You certainly have found your voice, keep expressing it because you never know who is listening and who needs to hear your message, which in writing I am taught also another vital lesson.

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